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Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange service between digital currencies. The service offers a wide range of digital currencies to buy and sell but does not provide conversion to or from fiat currencies. Changelly aggregates and suggests the best currency rates among the largest crypto trading platforms. The primary object of Changelly is to remove technical barriers between customers and the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Changelly is considered as fair, fast and trusty cryptocurrency exchange. Their trading service fee for fast transactions is reasonable 0.5 %. Changelly is presented by MinerGate.

In operation since 2015, the service was originally associated with the Minergate team. Changelly uses an automatic trading robot that integrates with some of the largest trading platforms. It operates by making bids and asks on respective exchanges to suggest the best available rates on trading pairs.

Changelly allows you to trade cryptocurrency without registering at any exchange or needing verification and the platform offers instant and seamless conversion of more than 80 altcoins. The service already has over 700,000 customers onboard and processes over 50,000 BTC monthly.

How to use Changelly?

By following these easy steps you can start trading.

Step 1: Go to Changelly website:

Step 2: Decide which coins you want to trade (e.g., BTC to ETH).

Step 3: Verify the transaction fees.

Step 4: Enter your receiving address.

Step 5: Confirm and pay in your chosen currency.

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