Funny Moments in The World of Cryptocurrencies

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As in everyday life, sometimes unintentional (and intentional) funny moments just happen. This applies also to cryptocurrency world.

Showing "Buy Bitcoin" Sign on Direct TV Broadcast

Random guy collects more than seven bitcoins as tips after showing a "Buy Bitcoin" sign on a live TV broadcast. This happened on 12th of July 2017.

This is the original direct broadcast, (watch till the end).

And the story goes on! It looks like this guy is still getting BTC tips, even in 2018.

Here are the transactions for that brilliant dude's BTC address.

"Bitcoin Sign Guy" was asked to leave the session after showing the sign. In this video "Bitcoin Sign Guy" explains how everything happened.

"Buy Bitcoin" sign guy's interview in 2018.

A review about "Buy Bitcoin" moment and is Bitcoin anonymous.


Legendary "I AM HODLING" post on on 18th of December 2013 written by member "GameKyuubi". If you ever wondered where are the roots for the "Hodl" term, here is your answer. It's very possible that the writer had got a couple of beers before posting.

GameKyuubi is a legend.

Here you can find the original post:

Advising The CEO of Binance to Try His Own Project

Someone uploaded his self-made promotional Binance video on YouTube. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance commented the video. See below what the video uploader responded to Zhao.

Would love to have seen the reaction of Changpeng Zhao.

Cryptocurrency Comedy Videos

Ultimate Bitcoin Trader

All of us know how to trade cryptos like a professional, right?

Bitcoin - Ultra Spiritual Life

This video was amazingly uploaded to YouTube on the ultimate BTC high peak date on 19th of December 2017 ($19,141 USD).

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Bitcoin Commercial

Ladies know the best.

Turning $300,000 into 5 Cents

"All of it!"

When You Invest $4.99 in Bitcoin

"Can you smell that? It's Bitcoin booming right now!"

"I'm trying to meditate GaryVee videos!"

Life as A Bitcoin Investor

An interesting strategy for Lambo.

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