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Asch cryptocurrency guide advises where to buy and how to buy Asch. This guide also contains the markets, value, trading, investing, buying, selling, transactions, blockchain, mining, technology, advantages, risks, history, legislation, regulation, security, payment, networks and many other interesting facts about Asch as well its status in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Asch, Sunday, 2021-04-11

Asch (XAS)

What Is Asch?

ASCH is a new generation block chain innovation application development platform based on side chain structure which is efficient, flexible, safe, low-cost and reused. With the use of JavaScript as its application programming language, the platform makes use of relational databases to store data, drawing similarities between developing a DAPP and developing a traditional web application. This type of platform carries a great deal of appeal to developers, as well as small and medium enterprises, since its ease of use results in greater productivity, fuelling and facilitating a more prosperous ecosystem in the process. ASCH is open in design and is not limited to any particular niche market such as news aggregation, the issue of assets, arbitration, the existence of certificate, property rights certification, the Internet of things, supply chain finance, asset digitization, commodity tracing, prepaid card system, block chain contract deposit etc. In terms of the consensus mechanism, ASCH has inherited and enhanced the DPOS algorithm, simultaneously reducing the probability of forking and double spending by a significant degree. Furthermore, ASCH’S side chain, i.e. the application mode, not only improves scalability by delaying the expansion of the block chain, but also makes DAPPS more flexible and personalized. ASCH is a forward-looking, low-cost and one-stop application solution, which is believed to be a new generation of incubator for decentralized applications. Adhering to the values of enterprise accomplishments, innovation leading, technology belief and embracing future, ASCH is devoted to building a global commercial block chain application ecosystem, which is not only using block chain technology to empower various industries, but also being the base of the world class economy.

Beginner's Guide to Asch

Where and How to Buy Asch?

Asch Wallet

1、Web Wallet
You need to have an ASCH account before gaining insight into ASCH. The account is the fundamental of its main chain and interaction of various services on the main chain. There are three kinds of account so far, and the users can choose the appropriate one to register.
Address: or the page and click on the “ new account”.
The 12 generated English words are the main password of the wallet. Keep the main password in a safe place, don’t forget! And then click on the next step.
Log in the website wallet with the newly saved main password, and you can see the basic information, such as the balance.
2、PC Wallet
Download the PC Wallet in the official website (, install it to your local machine and then open the application.
After completing the informations, click on "confirm". Login in the wallet interface with password.
8 accounts per wallet at most.
Click on the picture to create an account.
Save the main password, and you can start using.
3、Android Mobile Wallet
Download Android Mobile Phone Wallet in the official website (, install it to your local machine. Open the application and click on "create the account".Input the account name and password, click on"create the account".

Where to Buy Asch with Credit Card?

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Where to Sell and Trade Asch?

How Much Are the Transaction Fees of Asch?

0.1 fee, each transaction.

Asch Markets

Value of Asch

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How Does Asch Work?

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Mining Asch

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Asch Regulation

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Why Do People Trust Asch?

History of Asch

ASCH project was initiated.
ASCH analyzed DPOS algorithm’s loopholes and simulated a simple attack method, and then tried to repair the loophole by realizing a simple PBFT algorithm model(the prototype of ASCH consensus protocol algorithm).
ASCH code base was initialized on
ASCH realized complete DPOS and PBFT algorithm in its products, and ten machines was deployed to test it. The test results fully met expectations in safety. That is, the whole system would not fork in the circumstance of frequently restarting,unconventional transmitting block, and allied cheat by several delegates.
ASCH public beta was started. Many delegates began to participate in tests.
ASCH 0.9.2 version was released.
ASCH 0.9.3 version was released.
ASCH 0.9.4 version was released. The product tended to be stable.
the consensus algorithm was updated to AC1.0. The performance of AC0.5 is not so good. The peak of network traffic (the instant of broadcasting block) reached 1.5Mbps without any transaction. It is reasonable to ensure safety at the expenses of broadband. As a development platform, the efficiency and stability of ASCH underlying platform is very important. So it is very necessary to improve broadband. And we took it into action right now. ASCH system was updated to 0.9.5 version until August 9th. The peak of broadband reached to 600kbps in the testnet consisting of 49 nodes.
ASCH mainnet was officially started.
the relevant source of the product of ASCH was opened. Code and related documents were saved on github.
ASCH 1.0.1 version was released. Light wallet was officially launched. The problem of unconfirmed transactions was fixed.
ASCH 1.1.0 version was released. The bug that multiple dapps operate simultaneously was repaired. A front end dapp page display was added. A block production state display was added. The command of starting block production was added in the script of aschd. The dapp type was updated. The bugs that getdelegates was broken in some circumstance were repaired. The bug in the course of installation and uninstallation was repaired. The query interface of top account was added. The bugs that reindex may appear with high probability when ASCH restarted were repaired.
ASCH 1.1.1 version was released.
ASCH 1.1.2 version was released.
ASCH 1.1.3 version was released. The problem of transaction malleability was repaired.ASCH 1.1.4 version was fixed.
ASCH 1.1.5 version was released. The problem of stuck block caused by backwards tick was repaired.
ASCH was invited by MZKG in Japan to conduct enterprise block-chain technology training.
Zhang Shousong gave a keynote speech named “block-chain application based on side-chain technology” at Big Data and Analytics Summit of WOT 2016 in Beijing.
ASCH ecology community released green paper. The chairmans and vice-chairmans of the volunteer association, delegates association and the developers association were elected within one week.
ASCH 1.2.1 version was released.
ASCH 1.2.2 version was released.
ASCH 1.2.3 version was released.ASCH 1.2.4 version was released.
ASCH 1.2.6 version was released.
ASCH mainnet 1.2 was officially activated. The storage function interface and UIA interface were added.WEB graphic interface was improved. The transaction ID and block ID were changed into hex format with 32 bytes, and the old data was not influenced. the new and old data can coexist. The account address was changed into base58check coding. The new and old accounts can coexist.
ASCH Version 1.2.7 was released.
Zhang Shousong gave a keynote speech named “ASCH2.0--Meeting changes with constancy” in the 2nd China Financial Transaction Technology conference.
XAS entered the top 100 list of cryptocurrencies on for the first time.
ASCH took part in the first blockchain development competition in China.
Android version and M version of ASCH mobile wallet were launched officially.
The development of ASCH 1.3 was completed, internal testing started in the meantime.

Who Created Asch?

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